Safety in numbers

Keeping you safer at live events needs situational messaging that instructs and informs
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How safe is your event?

Sadly, the threat is constant and we are too familiar with the tragic consequences associated when attacks on public safety succeed.

Martyn’s Law demands that everyone, including event organisers, review what can be done to better assess, manage and respond to threats.

How are you going to fulfil your duty to react and protect public safety at your next event?

The UK policy wants a “whole of society” response.

At Crowd Angel, we believe we can help.

Martyn’s law

“Martyn’s Law” refers to a campaign for increased security measures in public venues and large events in the United Kingdom. It was initiated by Figen Murray, whose son Martyn Hett was tragically killed in the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017. The goal of Martyn’s Law is to improve the safety and security of public venues and events by making it a legal requirement for venues to have effective security and counter-terrorism measures in place.

Martyn’s Law is pending UK-wide legislation that will place a requirement on those responsible for certain publicly accessible locations to consider the threat from terrorism and implement appropriate and proportionate mitigation measures.

Partnership announcement – Bedford Blues RFC

Crowd Angel are proud to announce our launch partnership with Championship Rugby Club, Bedford Blues. Bedford will adopt the Crowd Angel platform from the beginning of the 24/25 Championship season in line with new legislation known as Martyn's Law, the duty to...

2024 New Year Update Martyn’s Law

The Terrorism Protection of Premises Bill, also known as Martyn’s Law is expected to become law in 2024.  The legislation is in response to the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing and subsequent enquiry.  The Draft legislation, developed from a consultation process, was in...

Martyn’s Law

Embracing the New Landscape of Stadium Safety We recently held an all-encompassing webinar where LINK Mobility, Crowd Angel and Gallagher's Group explored the implications of Martyn's Law, the new legislation designed to enhance safety in public venues, and showcase...

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Addressing the ‘gap’ in event threat management

We want to create a world where we can gather safely

Operational incident decision making, for those with a duty to react and protect, is augmented by situational awareness. Introducing crowd visibility, density and communications delivers a new level of engagement for public safety planning, practice, procedures and recovery.

Stay safe

Quickly assess and respond to event attendees and staff keeping everyone safer. Guide, prompt, practice, prepare, record and share.

Audience experience

Provide reassurance to event attendees

Enhance compliance

Demonstrate that you are managing the safety and security of your event and protect your brand

Introducing the Crowd Angel platform

Through our situational messaging platform, Crowd Angel, will transform the crowd experience. Our solution has a web portal to plan, manage and monitor crowd flow and density. Our API first focus allows you to embed our capability in your brand, fan, ticketing or event app and connect to your crowd.

Control room

Accessed via a secure web portal, this gives your event team a real-time stream of information, which can also be viewed via a map. Visualise your plans and procedures, and undertake safety rehearsals.

Embeddable API

Our capability can be used to enhance your existing event or mobile app.  No need for a separate app install – retain your brand ownership.

Location aware

Our solution and API are fully location aware – allowing you to build your own map, seating plan and event guide.  Understand crowd movements, flow and density on our real-time heatmaps.

Smart to use

High availability platform, built for scale with multi-brand tenancy. Fully configured device interaction, good for battery life & emergency offline feature set. 


Augments how your operator intelligence will correlate and risk assess reports for you. Allows event teams to quickly see a ‘hotspot’ and deliver key messaging specific to the issue, meeting the need to instruct and inform

Safe and secure

Permission based by design. Consumer data privacy, data sovereignty, protection and security are our foundation policies.

Your go-to crowd experience partner

We want to create a world where we can gather safely.

Where we can enjoy the collective experience of a live event.


  • We are focused on what’s needed to achieve this
  • • We truly dare to be different
  • • We are bothered – and so should you be
Meet the team that is committed to making this reality

Experience counts

The Crowd Angel Team

Our team has a wealth of experience in developing technology solutions for challenging business problems.  What’s more, they truly believe in the Crowd Angel vision and mission and are passionate about delivering a safer world for us to gather in.

Richard Toomey CBE

Richard Toomey CBE


War gaming strategic thought leader

Paul Tindley

Paul Tindley

Chief Executive Officer

Building businesses for global brands.

Chris Luckham OBE

Chris Luckham OBE

Chief Safety Practitioner

Andy Hunns

Andy Hunns

Brand & Marketing

Transforming business through brand purpose & data/insight driven marketing
Kareen Lim

Kareen Lim


Creating and supporting successful start-ups.